2016 Rio Olympics – Sentences you need to know

2016 Rio Olympics - Learn a few useful sentences in Portuguese

2016 Rio Olympics – Sentences you need to know

Welcome to Portuguese Basic Tips called 2016 Rio Olympics –  Sentences you need to know

On  today’s episode,  we  are  going  to  speak  on  a  few  sentences  you need to know if you are coming to Brazil to the Olympic Games.  And at the end of that, I will give you a few tips, in order to have a pleasant stay in Rio de Janeiro.  After  that  sequence of  episodes we made  about  Portuguese connectives,  let’s  relieve  things  a  little  bit.

Here is a great guide with things to do in Brazil

If you follow this podcast for some time, you may have heard our episode about directions in Portuguese. You might notice some variations of those terms if compared with the expressions we use daily. I will also speak about those variations and what you have to do in order to understand them.

If  you  are  in  Rio  de  Janeiro  to  see  the  Olympics  you’ll naturally need to know how to get to a specific place like a soccer stadium as Maracanã, for instance.  I  know  the  word  “Maracanã”  can  be  difficult  to pronounce for people who were born in other countries, so I tried to explain how to do that.

At the end of this episode, you’ll be capable to understand equivalent Portuguese sentences to:

  • How do I get to the bakery?
  • How do I buy tickets?
  • How do I order a drink?
  • And others

At the very end of this podcast I talked a little about Zica Virus, violence and climate in Brazil and what to do in order to minimize them and have a pleasant stay in Brazil.

If you want to have even more in Rio de Janeiro, I found this article (only in English) which lists 13 things to do in Cidade Maravilhosa.

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I hope it will be useful to you.

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