Valentine’s Day in Brazil

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Valentine’s Day in Brazil

Hi there! Welcome to our 12th episode of Todo Mundo Pod! Today we are going to speak about Valentine’s Day in Brazil.

Did you know that Valentine’s day in Brazil is a different date if  compared to other parts of the world? I mean, here we have something equivalent to Valentine’s day called “dia dos namorados” and this day is celebrated on June 12 because of a lot of issues that I will cover in this podcast.

In the second part of this episode we’ll talk about 3 Brazilian love songs.  I tried to talk a little about the songwriters and of course I spoke a bit about Brazilian culture.

Here in Brazil, some radio stations usually translate the foreign songs. Most of the songs are about love. I tried to do the opposite in this podcast and spoke about the Brazilian ones.

As I said in the episode, here are the links to every one of them.  You can listen to them and appreciate our art, send them to your boyfriend (or girlfriend) or just use them as a tool to learn this new language.

Brazilian songs to listen to on Valentine’s Day

Here, when we use the word “romântico”, we are not necessarily referring to the romantic period of arts. It is just a way to say that something has to do with “love”. Those songs can be on your set list of “músicas românticas brasileiras”.

Eu não sei dizer te amo – Roberto Frejat

Apenas mais uma de amor – Lulu Santos

Como é grande o meu amor por você – Roberto Carlos

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That’s it for today. I hope this podcast will be useful to you. If you like this content, share it to all your friends on facebook and google+

Valeu e até a próxima!

Marcos Sales

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    […] música é sobre um casal de namorados. A propósito, aqui você pode visitar nosso episódio sobre dia dos namorados no Brasil. A letra da música também […]

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