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Series – Portuguese sentences using connectives

Learn how to use connective words in Portuguese Sentences

Hi there and welcome to our 11° episode of Portuguese Basic Tips, which is the third of this series we are making about Portuguese sentences and connectives. On today’s episode we are going to keep comparing phrases in Portuguese and in English.   We are going to speak about expressions that you can use to connect the sentences, so that they can make sense.

In this podcast,  I will speak only of expressions that sort of have to do with time. You know, expressions that are related to the past, present and future, such as from now on, so far, up till now in the meantime, while, still and son on.

It is important for you that you have heard our previous episodes, in order to understand the entire matter.  If you have not accessed yet, visit the first episode of connective and click to hear the second one.

At the end of this episode, you’ll be capable to know how to use the following connective expressions  in Portuguese:

  • A partir de agora
  • De agora em diante
  • Até agora
  • Até hoje
  • Até o momento
  • Enquanto
  • Nesse meio tempo
  • Enquanto isso
  • Por enquanto

Sometimes people ask me what is the best way to learn this language and I keep telling that I think that the best way is to practice a lot. It doesn’t matter if you are paying for a formal language course or trying Duolingo’s lessons. Just be persistent with it! That’s why I created this website:  for helping people who want to learn Portuguese with podcasts. It’s just another way of doing this. You just need to put them altogether, combine them and let’s talk!

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