Brazilian food: feijoada and caipirinha

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Brazilian food: feijoada and caipirinha

Welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod about Brazilian food: feijoada and caipirinha.

On today’s episode we are going to speak about two typical items of Brazilian cooking: feijoada and caipirinha. I did a brief research because I knew that sooner or later this would be a subject that I’d have to cover. Do you know what I came to realize? Well, I realized that originally the Caipirinha was a kind of medicine to treat the Spanish flu. Of course, it did not work, but became the most famous Brazilian drink around the world.

I also found out that in Brazil, we have the national day of feijoada, but we don’t even know why this day is celebrated. I mean, is a tradition: on Saturdays most restaurants here serve feijoadas to the customers, but we don’t know why that happens.

I like doing episodes that somehow have a kind of historical aspect, because I myself can learn about my own culture. This encourages me to do researches more and more. On the other hand, I know that the podcast will be full of terms that will be useful to you on daily conversation. Even though I have talked about the key ingredients of feijoada and caipirinha, I don’t think you’ll be able to cook them just because you listened to this episode.  Actually, I also don’t know how to cook them. Sad, but true! But if you pay attention to this episode’s text, you will be able to understand many elements of the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil. That’s what matters to me!

If you liked this content and want to learn how to cook feijoada, visit the link (only in Portuguese).

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That’s enough for today. I hope it will be useful to you.


Marcos Sales


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