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– The author

Welcome to Todo Mundo Pod, a Podcast about Brazilian Portuguese!

I’m Marcos Sales, a journalist with some experience in newspapers,internet news and also I am the creator of this website.

The idea to come up with a podcast and this page came along with me for a while. I like radio shows a lot and I myself used to listen to some podcasts in order to learn a new language. This is why I know podcast is a functional and charming method.

I believe that when you are trying to learn a new language, there are a number of methods you could try. Despite this,  the most important thing is that you practice this language regularly. In addition to it, of course, you’ll need to put some effort into the task at hand.

My role here will be to provide frequency and quality : the audios are about a variety of subjects concerning Brazil that will help you in the process of acquiring and developing new vocabulary.

In order to make the understanding easier, I will pronounce the words slower than usual in the episodes, but without losing the essence of how a native speaker talks here in Brazil, after all, the idea is to be prepared for a real interaction.

If you want to learn even faster, just get the transcripts of the episodes in PDF, with everything that was said in the audio, along with extras and translations of keywords to English. It’s a great way to practice reading and by doing so, you will help us to keep the site on.

Remember that all of those audios are free.

Well, for now, that’s it. Thank you for getting this far and I’m sure we will understand each other, after all, Todo Mundo Pod*!

See you next time.

Marcos Sales

*Todo mundo pode: Everybody can