Writing business emails to Brazil

Writing business emails to Brazil

Ways to write business e-mails to Brazil

Welcome to our 21th Todo Mundo Pod (in Portuguese) called Writing business emails to Brazil.

On today’s episode called writing business emails to Brazil, I’ll try to explain to you a few phrases we use in emails here.

I suppose that the cordiality rules used may vary from one country to another. Because of that, I created a list of suggestions for you to analyze what example can be added to your vocabulary.

I decided to divide the episode giving examples of how to write the beginning of the email, its body and how to finish it.

For instance, do you know the meaning of “Ilmo Sr” to start writing?

In the email’s body, you could choose between:

– Estou escrevendo por causa de…

– Estou escrevendo a respeito do…

– Gostaria de saber se…

– Você poderia, por favor, me enviar

– Segue anexo o documento…

Remember not to write “Segue em anexo o documento”. Concerning the last sentence above. You just need to write “segue anexo o documento”.

To finish the e-mail, you could choose between one of the sentences below:

– À disposição para mais informações, fulano de tal (your name).

– Caso precise de mais informações, por favor, entre em contato comigo.

– Desde já, agradeço pela colaboração

– Atenciosamente / Cordialmente (your name)

I will explain this in detail for you in this podcast.

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I could not fail to mention that, last episode I spoke about Brazilian acai. If you have not heard it yet, give this one a try!

This link contains a few more examples of how to write corporate emails.

I hope it will be useful to you.

See you next time.


Marcos Sales


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