Vocês or vós – Brazilian Portuguese – Understanding Portuguese pronouns

Learn about vocês or vós in Portuguese

Vocês or vós – Understanding Portuguese

Hello there and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod (in Portuguese) in which we are going to speak about differences of vocês or vós in Portuguese

On today’s podcast, we are going to speak about the differences of using vocês or vós in Brazilian Portuguese. I have recently received an email from an old listener of this podcast containing this important matter: what should I use in Brazil after all, vocês or vós?

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From this doubt, I tried to speak a little about the origin of the term “você”. I also tried to exemplify some situations in which we use treatment pronouns in Portuguese language.

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At the end of this episode, you’ll understand when to use combinations of the second and third persons in this idiom.

The truth is that there is a big confusion about this topic, since we Brazilians also learned the conjugation of verbs using all personal pronouns: eu, tu, ele, nós, vós, eles.

Well, so, using “você” as treatment pronoun must be wrong in Brazilian Portuguese, don’t you think? You will notice, at the end of this podcast, this is not like that. We simply have to make some adjustments to conjugate the verbs using “você” and “vocês”.

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That’s enough for today!

I hope you like it

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Marcos Sales

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