Trip to Rio – What to do in Rio de Janeiro

Trip to Rio - What to do in Rio de Janeiro, things to do in Rio

Trip to Rio – What to do in Rio de Janeiro

Welcome to our 14th Portuguese Basic Tips  called Trip to Rio!

Today we are going to speak about what to do in Rio de Janeiro.  I’ll try to give you some tips about places you can visit in  Cidade Maravilhosa and as always we’ll talk about Portuguese language.

In this episode I will simulate a mini tour through the streets of Rio de Janeiro. We’re going to take a quick walk through Copacabana , Pão de Açucar , Lapa and Santa Teresa while we talk about some aspects of Portuguese Language.


Copacabana is a very famous neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.  Many local artists usually attend the Copacabana beach. You’ll also find many people training soccer beach and volleyball beach there.   Do  you  remember  the concert  that  the  Rolling  Stones  made  in  Brazil  in  2006? Yeah, it was in Copacabana.

Bondinho and Pão de Açúcar

Most people who go to Rio de Janeiro visit what we call Pão de Açúcar – Literally “bread of sugar”. It is a hill and you can buy  tickets to go up by a cable car. From there, you can see big part  of the city,   you can see how Rio de Janeiro is beautiful.

Lapa and Santa Teresa

Both are nearby places and you can visit them on the same day. Lapa is a neighborhood known as being ideal for people who have a bohemian lifestyle because of its bars, discotheques and cultural events in general.

Santa Teresa is also a traditional neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. A great Brazilian musician called Noel Rosa lived there. We are also going to talk a little about them.

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I hope this will be useful to you.

Valeu! Abraços.

Marcos Sales


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