Things to do in Salvador, Brazil

Things to do in Salvador, Brazil. Image of the Elevador Lacerda. Sightseen in Brazil

Elevador Lacerda – Things to do in Salvador, Brazil

Hi there and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod (in Portuguese) about things to do in Salvador, Brazil.

On today’s episode I am going to speak about one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil: Salvador!  We will talk about sights of the city and local slang you need to know to be able to spend a few days there. In the end, you’ll know a few things to do in Salvador.

Salvador is the capital of Bahia state and was the first capital of Brazil. It was there that the first Portuguese people arrived to colonize Brazil. Because of this, Bahia, in general, retains much of the historical aspect of that time.

I covered some points of the Historic Center of Salvador, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and I also talked about Praia da Barra and carnival in Salvador.

As I said in the podcast, here are a few links about Axé Music, a typical music Style from Salvador that you’ll hear mainly during carnival in Brazil.

Things to do in Salvador – Carnival

Asa de Águia

This song is about a loving couple. By the way, here you can access our episode on Valentine’s Day in Brazil. The song’s lyrics also talks about the “mar do farol” (Praia da Barra), which is one of the places on which I said in the podcast.

Chiclete com banana

Like most of the songs of this style, this one is also about a couple. It’s a big hit on Brazilian carnival. Pay attention to the singer’s accent when he pronounce the word “coração (heart)”, for instance.The letter “O” has an open sound. This is typical of Brazilian northeastern.


Unlike the first two songs, this one is not specifically about love. The song’s lyrics says something as “when we play, everybody jumps like popcorn”

Claudia Leitte

This song has many interjections. I could not translate it into English, but you might like its pace.

Ivete Sangalo

She is one of the most famous singers in Brazil. Her successes go well beyond the carnival

Tourists in Salvador, Brazil

For those who speak Spanish here follows a mini documentary on Salvador.

No, they do not speak Spanish in Bahia. That’s probably a documentary made by tourists, but it has beautiful images.

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I hope you like it.

See you next time


Marcos Sales

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