Things to do in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brasil

Things to do in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brasil. Image of Todo Mundo Pod podcast

Things to do in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil.

Hello and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod about things to do in Joao Pessoa.

Today’s episode is going to be about things to do in Joao Pessoa. I spoke about places you can visit there and about slang. Please, don’t forget to check the podcast below in order to practice your Portuguese listening skills.

Praia do Jacare

One thing you can do is to enjoy sunset at Jacare Beach. This is actually a mix of beach and river. Waters in this place are what we call – salobras – that’s to say “brackish”

Every day, around 17 p.m. a musician called Juradyr do Sax plays Ravel’s bolero in his saxophone to greet the sunset.

It is a beautiful spectacle that is worth for you to check.

Mercado de Artesanato Paraibano

The Paraiba craft market is interesting for those who want to buy “lembrancinhas” – souvenirs.

As the name implies, there you will find crafts, but you will also find lots of typical food as “manteiga de garrafa” (melted butter)  and  “carne de sol” (something similar to corned beef, but much better than that. I can guarantee it for you!)

The south coast beaches

The south coast beaches of Paraiba are considered the most beautiful ones of this State. Among them you will find two wonderful beaches called “Praia do amor” and “Praia de Jacumã” – one alongside to the other.

Tells the story that couples who go through the arc between them, you’ll never be separated.

Take the risk!

On the second part of this episode we will explain the meaning of the following terms:  arengar, galego, bucado, boyzinha e aperreado.

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That’s it for today,

I hope this podcast will be useful to you.

Marcos Sales


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