Things to do in Fortaleza – Ceara

Learn about Fortaleza, the Capital of Ceará

Things to do in Fortaleza

Hello and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod 78 (in Portuguese) called things to do in Fortaleza

Today we’re going to talk about things to do in Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceará! On today’s episode, we’ll speak a little bit about Praia do Futuro, Beach Park Fortaleza and Águas Belas Beach.

As I said in the episode, here’s a link to buy your ticket to Beach Park Fortaleza

We’ll also talk about Fortaleza typical expressions. At the end of this episode, you’ll know the meaning of:

  • Diabéisso
  • Arengar
  • Baixa da égua
  • And levar uma pêia

Click on the link to listen to our previous episode, which is called things to do in Porto Alegre

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That’s enough for today.

I hope you like it.

See you next time.


Marcos Sales

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