Things to do in Brasilia city

Things to do in Brasilia

Brasilia cathedral – Things to do in Brasilia

Hello and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod about things to do in Brasilia

On today’s podcast (in Portuguese), we are going to speak about things to do in Brasilia city. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil and it was built specifically for this purpose.  The city was designed by the architect named Oscar Niemeyer and it has turned into Headquarters of this Republic in 1960. Before Brasilia, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro also were capital of this country.

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Today we are going to speak about 3 places to visit in Brasilia. At the second part of this episode, we are going to cover a few expressions “brasilienses”- people from Brasilia- use to speak.

Moisture content of the air

During some months of the year, the moisture content of the air can reach 30 percent, which is far below the 60 percent recommended by the World Health Organization. Still, there is a high number of tourists who go there to visit the sites.

Because of that, because of air quality, Paranoa Lake has also been designed and helps people to overcome this time of year. We are going to speak about that too.

Second Part – Things to say in Brasilia

Eduardo e Mônica

As I talked about this song during the podcast, I decided to leave the link here to make it easier for you. Legião Urbana speaks volumes about places of Brasilia in their songs. If you like this subject, try to search for other songs of this band.

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Click on the link to visit a glossary containing Brasilia slang

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