Thank you in Portuguese -showing gratitude in Brazil

Thank you in Portuguese - Episode about ways to show your gratitude in Brazil

Thank you in Portuguese – ways to show your gratitude in Brazil

Hello there! Our seventh episode is online and we are going to talk about some different ways to say thank you in Portuguese.

This is not just a podcast about many ways to say thank you in Portuguese. I will certainly speak about masculine and feminine genders in Portuguese once more. Yeah, I will bring that up again so that you will understand clearly that women say “obrigada”, while men say “obrigado” here in Brazil.

You will also notice that in spoken language we usually drop the first “o” from the word “obrigado”. It is a very common thing.

If you want to be formal to say thank you – when you are writing an e-mail to for instance- you should use the word “grato” if you are a man or “grata” if you are a girl.

Other expressions for you to say thank you in Brazilian Portuguese

If you’ve listened to other episodes of Todo Mundo Pod, of course you already understand Portuguese very well, but don’t you think that this is going to be an audio “only for beginners”.

I am going to  try to teach you some terms meaning the same thing. Some of them you will only be able to differentiate if you hear inflexion of the person who is talking to you.

At the end of this episode you will be capable to understand the meaning and how to use the following terms:

  • Agradecido
  • Valeu
  • Aí sim
  • Firmeza
  • And others.

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I found an article about 13 things not to do in Brazil. I hope it will be useful to you!

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See you soon!

Marcos Sales


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