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Learn about Portuguese future subjunctive tense 0

Portuguese future subjunctive tense

Hello and welcome to our Portuguese Basic Tips called Portuguese future subjunctive tense Well, on today’s episode, we’ll speak about Portuguese future subjunctive tense in our series about this topic. If you haven’t listened to...

Listen to our podcast about Portuguese past subjunctive tense 0

Portuguese past subjunctive tense

Portuguese past subjunctive tense Hello there and welcome to our Portuguese Basci Tips number 49 called Portuguese past subjunctive tense. Listen to the first episode of this series called Portuguese present subjunctive tense Listen to...

Portuguese past imperfect tense 2

Portuguese Verbs – Past imperfect tense

Hi there, welcome to the Portuguese Basic Tips in which we are going to keep talking about Portuguese verbs, specifically about verbs in the past imperfect tense. When we talk about Portuguese verbs, we...