Todo Mundo Pod 05 – Rio 2016 The Olympic Games and Rugby

Imagem que ilustra a volta do Rúgbi aos jogos olímpicos Rio 2016 - Image that ilustrates the return of Rugby to the Olympic Games Rio 2016

Rugby and The Olympic Games – Rio 2016


Welcome to our fifth episode about Rio 2016!

Time flies and we are already in  the year of the Olympic Games.

Today we’ll talk about the return of the Rugby 7 to this event!

We’ll also talk a little about the Brazilian National Team and make some coments on the interview that Augustín Pichot did to the site Rio 2016.

Can you recognize the accent of the people who live in Rio de Janeiro? After that episode I think you’ll be able to do it.

I hope you enjoy!

See you!

Marcos Sales

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*Correction : In this episode I said that Romario Faria is Minister in Brazil. My bad! In fact, he is Senator of the Republic .

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