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Renting a car in Sao Paulo

Lionel Driving – Renting a car in Sao Paulo

Welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod (in Portuguese) called renting a car in Sao Paulo

This episode is going to be about renting a car in Sao Paulo.  As I talk about car rentals in this city, I am going to add new Portuguese terms for you to perfect your study.

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Hiring a vehicle is not a difficult task for tourists here. Of course, you’ll have to follow specific rules to do so in Brazil. Sao Paulo itself has specific traffic rules and we are going to speak about it in this podcast.

Things to do after renting a car in Sao Paulo

The first thing I have to say is that you should plan your trip in advance, so that you’ll understand what you really need. This will be important to know which days you can use the vehicle, because of the law that exists in Sao Paulo about no-drive-day. To combat air pollution the city only allows vehicles whose license numbers end with certain digits to drive on particular weekdays.

You should also plan to know in which locations you will be in Sao Paulo. There are some car insurance types that do not cover if you are outside the city.

Your driver’s license is valid for one year throughout the country. Sao Paulo has some laws on speed limits that you should pay attention in. And the most important rule you must follow is not to drink anything alcoholic while driving any vehicle. Here we have the so-called “lei seca” (dry law) that prohibits drivers from doing so.

We’ll talk about it in detail in this podcast.

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Click the link to access the DMV (DETRAN) website at São Paulo – only in Portuguese.

That’s enough for today!

I hope this podcast will be useful to you.

See you next time


Marcos Sales

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