Rede Globo – Learn Brazilian Portuguese by watching TV

Rede Globo – Learn Brazilian Portuguese by watching TV

Rede Globo – Learn Brazilian Portuguese by watching TV

Hello and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod (in Portuguese) number 37 in which we are going to speak about a Brazilian TV called Rede Globo.

Watching TV is a good way to improve your language skills. By means of internet, you can visit nearly all TV channels in the world. On today’s episode I tried to focus on the major TV channel in Brazil: Rede Globo.

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The station was established in 1965 by Roberto Marinho, a journalist of that time.  For decades, TV Globo has been perfecting its broadcasts and it became the largest broadcaster in the country and one of the largest in the world. We are going to speak a little about that in this podcast.

We’ll also talk about some controversies assigned to the station throughout its existence.

Globo’s program schedule is very associated with soap operas and television journalism, but you can also find variety shows, as well as the transmission of soccer matches.  With regard to the journalism, many people complain about the means that the network uses for selecting its material.  Nevertheless, the most awards on the topic are given to professionals of that channel.

Anyway, the purpose of this podcast is that you know a little about such an important issue in Brazil. For this, I tried to compose, over a little more than ten minutes, a short summary of the history of TV Globo. I hope you like it.

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