Portuguese verb conjugation – Regular verbs in the present

Portuguese verb conjugation

Portuguese verb conjugation – Regular verbs in the present tense

Welcome to our 19th Portuguese Basic Tips called Portuguese verb conjugation – Regular verbs in the present tense.

As the name suggests, today we are going to start speaking about Portuguese verb conjugation.

I thought it would be easier if we started talking about the Portuguese regular verbs in the present tense that’s why I made this podcast. I have to be straight with you: this is not a very fun subject to study; at the same time, it is a very important topic for those who want to learn Portuguese.

When we learn to conjugate the present tense mode in Portuguese, everything gets easier after that.

When we speak of regular verbs, we mean that they are verbs that have the same root. They have a structure that does not change. The only thing that will change in this kind of verb is the end of it.

For example, in Portuguese language, the main endings for regular verbs are “ar”,”er” and “ir.”

The verb root remains the same, but these finals will be changed as the verb is conjugated.

I prepared that table below with these three finals, to be able to illustrate that for you.

Portuguese verb conjugation – Regular verbs ending with “ar”, “er” and “ir”

Portuguese verb conjugation.

Table containing regular verbs in Portuguese

Note that regular verbs have roots that remain unchanged, but we changed the end of the verbs. By listening to the podcast, you will learn how to pronounce each one of them and I will give you a few more examples about them.

If you really learn how to combine these three verbs (with these endings), you will be able to combine all regular verbs in the present tense

If you want to access more examples, visit this page that tells a little about the subject – only in Portuguese.

In the last episode I wanted to talk about a lighter topic, if you like animals and want to know specific terms used in Brazil, visit our episode titled raising a dog in Brazil.

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