Portuguese semantic figures – Figures of speech 2

Portuguese semantic figures

Portuguese semantic figures

Hello and welcome to our 42th Todo Mundo Pod called Portuguese semantic figures

On today’s podcast we are going to go over Portuguese semantic figures. This is the second part of our episode about figures of speech in Portuguese. By listening to this audio, you’ll learn how metonymy, synesthesia and hyperbole work in this language. I’ll give you a few examples and explanations on this subject. This is not just “a grammar class”. Actually, figures of speech are something that we use all the time in daily conversation.

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We are also going to speak briefly about the differences between connotation and denotation.

As I said in this episode, I used as examples a few phrases that Paschoalin and Spadoto wrote in their Portuguese grammar. Sometimes some people ask me tips on how to learn the Portuguese rules. Among the many ways we have, reading this book could be an easier one to improve your language skills.

Here’s a link to Gramática – Teoria e Atividades (that was written by Paschoalin and Spadoto) – Portuguese only.

You can also find cheaper versions of this grammar online in sites that in Brasil we call “sebo virtual”, that is to say “a place that sells used books”.

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That’s enough for today!

I hope this episode will be useful for you.

See you next time.


Marcos Sales

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