Portuguese phrases you might find hard to understand

Portuguese Phrases

Portuguese phrases you might find some difficulty to understand at first

Hello and welcome to our episode about Portuguese phrases!

In this podcast, I am going to speak about a few phrases in Portuguese you may have some difficulties to understand at first.

Let’s assume you took your Portuguese Classes and that you are already at the level seventy in a mobile app like that one. This is great! This is amazing! This is wonderful!  This means that a lot of expressions in Portuguese are already familiar to you. But if you’ve never been in Brazil, you’d better train a little bit more your listening skills.

In this episode I will simulate some conversations, so that you can better understand the situations and have no problems with those phrases.

As a matter of fact, Brazilians tend to speak very slowly, but that is not a rule. Sometimes you’ll hear some expressions in daily spoken Portuguese that Brazilians tend to speak quickly.  This usually happens when you are talking to a person who does the same thing again and again.  For example: if you are at the movies, the clerk must have dealt with hundreds of people before talking to you. The same goes if you are at the bank , at the store and so on.  They tend to say the sentences almost automatically.  Therefore you might have some issues trying to understand them.


At the end of this podcast you will be capable to understand sentences such as:

  • Posso passar por aqui?
  • Débito ou crédito?
  • Naquela porta ali.
  • And other expressions that you will use in places like shopping malls, train stations and at the movie theater.


If you have not heard, access our sixth episode about expressions that indicate positioning in Portuguese.

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I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far and that I get to help you in your learning process.

Marcos Sales

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