Portuguese personal pronouns

Portuguese personal pronouns

Personal pronouns in Brazilian Portuguese

Hi there and welcome to our 16th Portuguese Basic Tips about Portuguese personal pronouns.

On today’s episode we are going to talk about the Portuguese personal pronouns, but before I go any further, let me tell you something: this episode’s transcript is free!  At the very end of this page, you’ll find a button. You can click on it to download our learning guide.  I recommend that you do that. You’ll understand our pronouns better by doing so.

Well,  as  I  said,  today  we  are  going  to  speak  about personal pronouns in Portuguese and verb “ser”.  You will learn how to combine one of the most important verbs in that language.  Once you do that, everything  will  start  to get easier on your Portuguese learning process.

In English,  we say : I am, you are, he is,  she is, it is  –  Then we keep saying  we are , you are, and they are , right? In Brazilian portuguese language we say: eu sou, você é, ele é (masculine), ela é (feminine).  Then, to the plural, we keep saying: Nós somos,  vocês  são,  eles  são  (masculine) or elas são (feminine).

Comparative of Portuguese Personal Pronouns

Comparative of Portuguese personal pronouns

Personal pronouns in Brazilian Portuguese

In Portugal and even in some parts of Brazil, rather than saying  “você  é”  –  meaning  you  are  in  a  singular  way – people usually say “tu és”;  and instead of saying  “vocês são”  –  meaning you are in a plural way-  people say  “vós sois”.

Well, we’ll cover each one of those things on this podcast.

I made a point of repeating the examples so you can understand how to pronounce  Portuguese better.

Plus, you’ll also learn how to pronounce a few nationalities in this episode.

Click on the link below to download this episode’s transcript for free

Visit this website (only in Portuguese) if you want to learn more about this matter.

If you have not heard, access our last episode in which we covered possessive pronouns in Portuguese.

Thanks again for listening to our episodes!

See you next time.

Marcos Sales

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