Portuguese irregular verbs – Saber conjugation and others

Portuguese irregular verbs

Portuguese irregular verbs

Hi and welcome to our Portuguese Basic Tips about Portuguese irregular verbs.

On today’s episode, we are going to speak about Portuguese irregular verbs. I prepared a few tables containing some ways to combine irregular verbs in the present tense.

As you may know, Irregular verbs are verbs that suffer some changes to their root or to their endings. In any language, I think it’s a tough subject, because we don’t have a rule to apply in those cases. So, what’s the deal here? I can’t speak about all irregular verbs of the Portuguese language.

My point is: I’ll try to choose a few irregular verbs in the present tense that I think you need to know. Unlike the last episode, I will not repeat the combinations many times, instead , I will add a few more examples using verbs, right? So, I’m counting on you to listen to this episode as many times as you need, until you find you learned all its content.

Those tables below have the conjugations of the verbs ser (to be), estar (to be), fazer (to do or to make), ir (to go), saber (to know) and dar (to go). All of them are in the present tense.

Ser conjugation – To be

Portuguese irregular verbs - conjugation of the verb ser in Portuguese

Ser conjugation

Estar conjugation – To Be

Portuguese irregular verbs - estar conjugation

Estar conjugation

Fazer conjugation – To do

Portuguese irregular verbs: fazer conjugation in the present tense

Fazer conjugation

Ir conjugation – To go

Portuguese irregular verbs: conjugation of the verb ir

Ir conjugation

Dar conjugation – To give

Portuguese irregular verbs - Conjugation of the verb dar

Dar conjugation

Saber conjugation – To know

Portuguese irregular verbs: saber conjugation

Saber conjugation

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If you want to see more irregular verbs in Portuguese, visit this website (only in Portuguese)

If you have not heard our last episode about regular verbs, I suggest you start listening it before playing the new audio.

I hope this podcast will be useful to your process of learning Portuguese.

See you next time.


Marcos Sales

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