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Portuguese expressions to connect the phrases – Part 2

Welcome to Portuguese Basic Tips about Portuguese expressions that indicate connection with the phrases.

Today  we  are  going  to  keep  talking  about  some Portuguese  expressions  that  you  can  use  to  indicate  a kind  of  a  connection  with  the  phrases, so that they can make sense when you speak.  I  mean,  we  are going to speak about some  Portuguese  terms that stand for mainly,  that’s why, as long as,  because,  especially and so forth.

As I explained last episode, this is a series of podcasts in which I will speak on the topic. So that, we can address a subject that, in my opinion, is quite important for those who want to learn Portuguese, but I think it would be too much information in just one episode, so I’ll break it down to explain to you how it works.

If you have not heard our last episode,  try to visit portuguese words indicating connection with the phrases.

Once you’re already used to, this episode I will compare some phrases in Portuguese and in English.  That way you can get in touch with Brazilian Portuguese in each podcast that is released.  By doing so, it will be easier for you to understand the accent and how to pronounce each word when you reach the next level of this language.

Let’s talk about sentences related to the English ones  that indicate emphasis , cause, consequence , assurance and condition.

At the end of this episode, you will be capable to understand expressions such as:

  • Principalmente
  • Especialmente
  • Sobretudo
  • Uma vez que
  • Já que
  • Por isso
  • Por esse motivo
  • Com certeza
  • Contanto que
  • And a few others

I ‘ve been doing a research on the internet and found this guy : an American guy who speaks Portuguese almost perfectly ! He has this channel on youtube to teach Brazilians to speak English. I think you should take a look at that

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Valeu e até a próxima!

Marcos Sales

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