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Places to live in Sao Paulo

Welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod (our podcast in Portuguese) on which we’ll talk about a survey on the most wanted places to live in Sao Paulo

On today’s podcast, we are going to talk about a survey made by Imovelweb website that reveals the most popular places to live in Sao Paulo.  It is a site on the internet where you can search for properties of different values and styles in virtually all locations in Brazil.

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I tried to address some of the characteristics of Vila Mariana, Bela Vista, Pinheiros, Saude and Pinheiros.  They are basically middle class neighborhoods of this city, which have many appeals for people who live nearby.

In the second part of the episode, let’s talk about some of the procedures adopted by real estates in Brazil.  We are also going to speak about the vocabulary you will need to know if you want to rent a property here.

Click on the link to visit the venue published on Estado de Sao Paulo

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