Oral expressions, slang and old proverbs in Portuguese

Learn about old proverbs in Portuguese

Oral expressions, slang and old proverbs in Portuguese

Hello there and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod  54 (in Portuguese) called Oral expressions, slang and old proverbs in Portuguese

On today’s podcast, we are going to speak about Oral expressions, slang and old proverbs in Portuguese.

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The idea of coming up with a subject like that happened because I was watching TV and the TV anchor interrupted what he said using terms such as “diga-se de passagem”. At that moment I was wondering if you, who listen to this podcast, would understand “this kind of Portuguese”. In fact, he (the guy on TV) has a peculiar way of speak that language and I want you to learn as many Portuguese accents as possible.

Click on the link and listen to our fourth episode (it’s been a long time!!) in which we spoke about Brazilian slang

Learn how we use diminutives in Brazilian Portuguese

At the end of this episode, you will know:

  • The meaning of diga-se de passagem
  • The meaning of na ponta dos cascos
  • The meaning of ajoelhou, tem que rezar
  • The meaning of a torto e a direito
  • The meaning of atirar pedra em casa de marimbondo
  • The meaning of cutucar onça com vara curta

And others

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Click on the link to learn the full concept of the term “diga-se de passagem”

I hope you like this episode

See you next time


Marcos Sales

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