Marcelo Huertas and Brazilian basketball expressions

Marcelo Huertas and a few basketball expressions in Brazil

Marcelo Huertas and basketball expressions in Brazil

Hi, there! Welcome to our 15th Todo Mundo Pod about Marcelo Huertas and a few basketball terms in Brazil.

As many people already know , unfortunately,  basketball is not specifically the most popular sport in Brazil, but it is a very important one and we had great players along the history such as Oscar Schmidt, Hortência Marcari and Magic Paula. We currently have other players who work hard for basketball and they will be probably on the list of great Brazilian players in  history. One of them is Marcelinho Huertas.

Huertas has defended Brazilian , Spanish, Italian and American teams during his career. Nowadays he is a NBA player and acts as a point guard of Los Angeles Lakers from United States. He is also a major player when he is at the courts acting by Brazilian national basketball team. In this podcast, we’ll talk a little about him.

In the second part of this program , let’s talk about some expressions used in Brazilian basketball .

As we already know, in the United States basketball is much more widespread than it is in Brazil. Because of this, even the terms that we Brazilians use are similar to the expressions used there, with the exception of the way we pronounce them. However, we also have a few typical expressions here and I’ll try to cover them in this podcast.

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If you want to know more about basketball expressions in Brazil, visit this link about that – only in Portuguese.

Try this link if you have not heard our previous episode in which we speak on a few differences between Portuguese and Spanish language.

That’s enough for today! Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. I hope it will be useful to you.

Um abraço e até a próxima.

Marcos Sales

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