Lava Jato in Brazil and its developments

Lava Jato in Brazil is a scandal of corruption investigated by the Federal Police. We'll talk about it on this podcast

Lava Jato in Brazil and its developments

Welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod called Lava Jato in Brazil and its developments

On today’s podcast, I’ll try to explain a few Portuguese terms to you by speaking about Lava Jato in Brazil and its developments. This is not a podcast for posterity, but it can be very useful if you want to come to Brazil in the coming months.

Lava Jato (Car wash) is a process that is being investigated by the Brazilian Federal Police and that involves many politicians in this country. In the beginning, it was a money laundering investigation at gas stations.  These gas stations also washed cars, hence the name “Operação lava jato”.

Over time, the Federal Police discovered that it was the biggest corruption scandal in Petrobras, a Brazilian state company. Some company directors received bribes to facilitate large construction company contracts. These contracts were overpriced, far beyond the market price.

All this scandal involves politicians from various political parties in Brazil, including the party of President Dilma Roussef (Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT). Thus, the crisis was in the criminal context, also started to be in the political sphere.

Over the past months, Dilma is passing through an impeachment process, not exactly because of Lava Jato, but also because of the effects of this operation.

As promised in the episode, I’ll update this page with the latest relevant events:

  • Senator Delcídio do Amaral had his mandate revoked by the Senate on 05.10.2016
  • The PT tried to get an injunction in federal Supreme Court to cancel the vote about the impeachment of Dilma, but the cancellation was not accepted.
  • On 05.12.2016 President Dilma was removed from the government for up to 180 days.
  • On 12.05.2016 Michel Temer assumes the presidency of Brazil.


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That’s enough for today! I hope it will be useful to you.

Marcos Sales

Please, pay attention: This episode is being released before the May 16 due to the political moment that Brazil is passing through. For those who want to learn about the current situation of the country, this podcast will be valuable. Because of that, next Monday, there will be no Todo Mundo Pod.

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