Interrogative sentences in Portuguese-Question Words

Interrogative sentences in Portuguese

Interrogative Sentences in Portuguese – Question Words


Hi and welcome to our Portuguese Basic Tips in which we are going to speak about interrogative sentences in Portuguese.

In this episode I am going to try to compare the terms “quem, o que, quando,  onde,  por que e de quem” with the English language. Something more or less alike “question words” in english. If you want to know how to use them, check this episode out.

Of course, there is a small difference between the two languages, but you’ll understand, for instance, that instead of using the words “who and whom”, in Portuguese you’ll just need to use one word that has the same meaning.

If you want to ask whose is a particular object, you should use the word “quem” preceded by the term “de”. It will become “de quem”.

  • De quem é este objeto?
  • Whose is this object?


It is important that you understand a little about singular and plural in Portuguese  in order to identify when you should  use the word  “ qual ” and  when you need to use “quais ” here in Brazil. We’ll talk about that too.

  • Qual deles é (singular)  realmente  o seu amigo?
  • Which one of them is really your friend?

Note that in this case the sentence was built only to ask about a single person, among the others.


  • Quais são (plural) os melhores restaurantes nesta cidade?
  • Which are the best restaurants in this city?

In this second example, we are talking in the plural way. The sentence was built in order to discover more than one restaurant in the city.

Ok, that’s just a preview.  Check this episode out.

If you have not heard our last episode, click on this link about Portuguese phrases you might find hard to understand at first.

If you want to know more about using of the terms “por que” and “porque” go to this website (only in Portuguese).

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