Interjections in Portuguese to perfect your conversation

Interjections in Portuguese to improve your sentences

Interjections in Portuguese to perfect your conversation

Hello there and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod number 53 called interjections in Portuguese to perfect your conversation

On today’s podcast we are going to speak about interjections in Portuguese.  Interjection is a word or phrase that expresses an emotion, a feeling or an order.  A simple noise may have the semantic value of an entire sentence in Portuguese. That’s why we should study Portuguese interjections in this episode.

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With the help of the interjections we can understand, in some way, part of a spoken culture.

This is something intrinsic, something that can’t be explained in words, but we can understand the general meaning of it by following the context of sentences.

In this episode, I tried to start explaining Portuguese interjections to you with the aid of many examples. This way, we will be able to understand this “semantic value” easily.

At the end of this podcast, you’ll know the meaning and how to use the following expressions in Portuguese:

  • Nossa, meu Deus, Nossa Senhora!
  • Credo!
  • Xô, passa, rua!
  • And others

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That’s enough for today.

I hope you like it

See you next time.


Marcos Sales

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