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Impeachm ent Dilma Rousseff

Impeachment Dilma Roussef – Credits to Destaque Notícias

Hello and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod called impeachment Dilma Rousseff

On today’s episode we are going to speak about the impeachment of the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff. In recent months, Brazil has experienced a hard period of crisis, with demonstrations against and in favor of the party that governs Brazil in the last 14 years.  This culminated in the definitive departure of President Dilma Rousseff’s highest political office in the country.

We are going to talk about that in this podcast.  I thought it was necessary to make a brief comment on this historical moment. From time to time, I talked about the political situation in Brazil, so this podcast will be a bit shorter, just for the record for all who love this land.

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It seems that PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores) will now make a stiff opposition to the government of current President Michel Temer. At least that was the promise made by the Dilma Rousseff after being stripped of her office.

Despite having suffered the impeachment, Dilma is not prohibited from exercising political functions after that. Many people expect her to take a position going forward.

For now, some parties are trying to articulate a request to the Supreme Court to annul the decision that allows Dilma be a candidate for a public office.

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