Future tense in Portuguese – Irregular verbs

Future tense in Portuguese - A few irregular verbs

Future tense in Portuguese using irregular verbs

Welcome to the Portuguese Basic Tips about future tense in Portuguese (using irregular verbs).

On today’s episode, we will continue speaking about future tense in Portuguese. In this case “futuro do presente”- equivalent to simple future in English, but this time we are going to use irregular verbs in the examples.

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You’ll see that they (the irregular verbs) follow the same logical thought we did with the regular verbs by adding the same terminations in the future, but their roots will change a little.

For example, the first conjugation of the regular verb “vender” (to sell) becomes “venderei” (I will sell) in the future tense.

Now, speaking on the irregular verb “fazer” (to make), its first conjugation becomes “farei” (I will make). We don’t normally say “eu fazerei”, so that, we really need to memorize irregular verbs conjugations.

On today’s podcast, we are going to learn three of them. They are really important verbs we use all the time. Let’s start conjugating “fazer” verb (to make) in “futuro do presente in Portuguese.

Fazer Verb – To make

Future tense in Portuguese - verbo fazer

Future tense in Portuguese – Fazer verb

Plus: it is important for you to understand that “fazer” in Portuguese can mean both, to make or to do. There are no differences about those verbs in our language.

Let’s continue our episode by using the verb “trazer”(to bring) as an example. Note that this time I’m just using verbs ending with “er”. I think they are useful verbs in Portuguese.

Trazer Verb – To Bring

Future tense in Portuguese - Trazer verb (to bring)

Future tense in Portuguese – Trazer verb

Be careful to pronounce the letter “r” in Portuguese. If necessary, try to listen to this podcast again.

Let’s finish the episode by learning how to conjugate the verb “dizer” (to say) in futuro do presente.

Dizer Verb – To say

Future tense in Portuguese - Dizer verb (to say)

Future tense in Portuguese – Dizer verb

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That’s enough for today.

I hope you like it.

Marcos Sales


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