Explaining Brazilian slang to an American

Explaining Brazilian slang to American people

Explaining Brazilian slang

Hello there and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod called explaining Brazilian slang to an American

Today’s podcast is called explaining Brazilian slang to an American. There is this guy, Tim, an American youtuber who speaks Portuguese very, very, very well! Much like as I do in this podcast, Tim helps other people on how to learn English by using YouTube as a platform. The only difference is that, in my case, as you already know, I try to help people on how to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

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When doing some researches on the internet, I found a video released by Tim called 10 Brazilian Expressions I do not understand. In fact, they are really different ones. They are really difficult to understand at first. All of those expressions are slang which you will only find in the Portuguese language that is spoken in Brazil. So I thought: “what if I tried to explain to him and to all my listeners the real meaning of those terms?”

And that’s what I did!

Understanding the meaning of slang in a language will be always very handy in a real conversation situation. Even if you do not intend to use them, it is almost certain that you will find someone in Brazil who will do this.

By the end of this episode, you will know how to use the following expressions:

  • Cara de pau
  • Dor de cotovelo
  • Dar mole
  • É nós na fita
  • Pagar o pato
  • Pagar um mico
  • Tirar o cavalinho da chuva
  • Soltar a franga
  • O bicho vai pegar – Among others.

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That’s enough for today!

I hope you like it!

See you next time. Thanks!

Marcos Sales

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