Portuguese typical expressions used by car drivers

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Typical expressions used by car drivers in Portuguese

Hello there and welcome to our Portuguese Basic Tips 78 (in English) called Portuguese typical expressions used by car drivers

On today’s podcast we are going to go over expressions used by car drivers in Portuguese.  Today we are going to speak about slang and a little bit about some situations that happen with drivers in everyday life.

Let’s get started!

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Sair na reserva

Some people simply don’t remind when they should fuel the car. That’s why sometimes people “saem na reserva”. Sair na reserva means that the driver has forgotten to refuel the car and the fuel gauge is showing that the fuel is at zero, so that he or she needs to refuel the car tank urgently!

  • Ontem me esqueci de abastecer e hoje estou saindo na reserva!
  • I forgot to refuel the car tank yesterday and now I’m nearly with no gasoline.

Cavalo de pau

This is a maneuver that only experienced drivers usually do.

Cavalo de pau is when the car rotates 360° spin around itself.  It’s a doughnut in the car.

Eu dei um cavalo de pau no carro / I did donuts in my car

Barbeiro ou Braço

Barbeiro e braço are words that, when used literally in Portuguese, mean things completely different things from each other. Barbeiro means “barber” and “braço”, you know means “arm”. In this case, both words mean the same: a bad driver.

We’re talking about a slang. That’s important to point out.

Let’s see some examples:

  • Aquele cara é um braço! Mal conseguiu estacionar o carro.
  • That man is a bad driver! He barely could park the car.

Motorista da Rodada

The motorista da rodada is the guy (or girl) who will go to a party with some friends, but he won’t drink anything more than soda and juice. He can’t drink nothing alcoholic, cause he is driving that day. Motorista da rodada is the same as “designated driver” in English.

  • Quem vai ser o motorista da rodada dessa vez? Who will be the designated driver this time?

Now let’s see some quick tips with a few terms that we use all the time in most parts of the country:

  • ultrapassar – Overtake
  • encostar o carro – Pull over
  • Meio fio = curb
  • Passar a marcha = shift gears
  • Deixar o carro morrer = stall the car
  • Dar ré = back up
  • Baliza = parallel parking

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That’s enough for today! I hope you like it.

See you next time.


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