Expressions related to birth in Portuguese

This image ilustrates our episode containing a few expressions related to birth in Portuguese

Expressions related to birth in Portuguese

Hello there and welcome to our Portuguese Basic Tips 75 (in English) with expressions related to birth in Portuguese

On today’s podcast we are going to go over terms related to birth in Portuguese.

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Ultrassonografia (Ultrasonography)

This is the most famous exam made during the pregnancy. It is when the couple realizes they’ll really have a baby. It is also when the couple knows if the baby is a boy or a girl. I do not know why, but in Brazil we have the mania to shorten some names, so instead of listening to “ultrassonografia” it is much more common for you to hear the term “ultrassom”. Both mean the same!

Pré-natal (Prenatal care)

Pré-natal is the name we use to designate all medical cares the couple have during the pregnancy. Here the future mother knows if hers baby health is doing well and so forth.

Let’s hear a sentence:

  • Não se preocupe! Seu bebê vai nascer saudável. Fizemos tudo o que devíamos no pré-natal. (Don’t worry! Your baby will be born healthy. We did everything we should in prenatal care)

Cesárea x Parto normal (Cesarean section versus normal delivery)

I know in many parts of the world, I think in the vast majority of them, the babies born from a normal delivery. The exception is when the mother needs surgery to have her baby. I don’t have the numbers, but in Brazil are still pretty common the amount of people choosing having their babies from a cesarean section instead of choosing a normal delivery. They say the mother will suffer less this way.

So in Brazil, when the mother needs surgery we say “cesárea” or “cesareana”. When she doesn’t need it we say “parto normal”.

For example:

  • Seu bebê já nasceu? Foi cesárea ou parto normal? (Is your baby already born? Was he born by caesarean section or normal birth?)

Cordão umbilical

Umbilical cord is a cord that the babies have that makes the connection between the newborn and the mother’s placenta.  I mean, it is that cord that the doctor cuts off when the baby is born.

When we see an overprotective mother, we sometimes say:

  • Você precisa cortar esse cordão umbilical. Ele já é grande para isso! Meaning: let him live in Peace. This overprotection is not good to him.

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That’s enough for today.

I hope you like it.

Marcos Sales


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