Difficulties that Brazilians have abroad

Difficulties that Brazilians have

Difficulties that Brazilians have abroad

Welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod (in English) in which we are going to point out a few difficulties that Brazilians  have when they travel abroad

On today’s episode, we are going to speak about a few difficulties that Brazilians have when they travel abroad.

I seem to be driving on the opposite way, right? Instead of talking about difficulties of foreigners in Brazil, I’m talking about the difficulties of Brazilians abroad…

Exactly! This was a suggestion I received and I think it has to do with the subjects about which I speak in this podcast.

First, because many of the issues I have chosen to talk about here are about the doubts I myself had when I was learning another language.

I usually think as follows: as a Brazilian, I have doubts about a certain subject in another language, so that many people from other cultures have doubts on this subject in Portuguese.

Secondly, once I think you should take advantage of all ways you find to practice Portuguese, if you, by any chance, happen to be able to help a Brazilian in your country, you will have more possibilities to train the Portuguese with him.

Anyway, we are going to go over aspects of accent, climate, culture and so on.

Well, in the audio I said I would put a link on the article that speaks of the difficulties in acquiring passport in Brazil

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If you have not heard, listen to our previous episode about a brief history of Brazil

On this site, you will find some addresses of consulates in Brazil

That’s enough for today

I hope you like it

Marcos Sales

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