Portuguese prepositions – Contracting prepositions and articles

Portuguese Basic tips that covers the Portuguese prepositions

Portuguese prepositions – Contraction of prepositions in Portuguese

Welcome to our 17th Portuguese Basic Tips in which we are going to speak about Portuguese Prepositions and their contractions with the articles

As you may know, the prepositions link two elements in a sentence. They give sense to the phrase. As far as I know, every language has its own prepositions and its own peculiarities.  In Brazilian Portuguese is very common when you need to join prepositions and articles. When that happens we have what we call contraction.

Sometimes is difficult to a foreigner understand when we mix these two elements in a sentence. That’s because it depends on a series of previous knowledge you need to understand in order to speak Portuguese correctly.

For instance:

We have the preposition “em” and the masculine article “o”. When we join these two elements we have the contraction “no”.


– O menino está no banheiro

– The boy is in the bathroom.

We don’t normally say “o menino está em o branheiro (in the)”.  We have the contraction “no”. That kind of thinking is the same for masculine and feminine articles and singular and plural.

 I’ll cover the main contractions of Portuguese language in this podcast so that you’ll also understand how to pronounce them.

Below you can find a table containing Portuguese prepositions and their contractions.

Portuguese prepositions and articles

Table mixing Portuguese prepositions and articles

Sometimes people ask when they should use “crase” in Portuguese. I’ll also try to give a simple explanation about it.

As I said in the episode, here is the link to listen to our episode about genders masculine and feminine in Brazilian Portuguese. It will help you to understand better this podcast.

Here is the link from another website that complements the contractions of which we spoke in this podcast.

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I hope this podcast will be useful to you.

See you next time.


Marcos Sales


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