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Samba in Brazil

Welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod (in Portuguese) called Brazilian samba.

Yes, of course at some point I would talk about Brazilian samba in this podcast. The time has come! It’s not easy to talk about it in just a few minutes. Samba, somewhat, is a mix of the whole culture of Brazil.

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It’s not an easy task to talk about it in just a few minutes. Therefore, I tried to talk about this style of music, how it was created and in the second part of the podcast, I talked about some of the major Brazilian song-writers.

In order to complete this episode, as told in the audio, here are the links to youtube, so that you can listen to each one of the Brazilian artists I spoke about.


Cartola is considered by many the greatest sambistas in Brazil.  He launched 4 albums during his life.

Cartola died in 1980


Noel Rosa

Noel Rosa lived at the same time that Cartola lived. He launched great hits of Brazilian popular music such as “com que roupa” and “gago apaixonado”.

Noel was only 26 years old when he died of tuberculosis.


Adoniran Barbosa

Adoniran Barbosa wrote the song “trem das onze”, well known throughout Brazil.

This link leads you to another song made by Adoniran “Tiro ao Alvaro,” about which I spoke in the episode.

Adoniran died in 1982

Bezerra da Silva

Bezerra da Silva was born in Recife / PE. He was responsible for mixing samba with other regional rhythms, and changed how samba was played .

Bezerra died in 2005

Chico Buarque de Holanda

Chico Buarque de Holanda is the last of our list, but he is not the least.

His history is mixed with the history of Brazil itself. Chico lived during the period of military dictatorship and influenced people at that time.

This link leads to the first song of Chico that was a huge success in Brazil.

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Valeu e até a próxima!

Marcos Sales


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