Brazilian policy – Why Brazil came to this political and economic crisis?

Brazilian policy - Why Brazil came to a political and economical crisis

Brazilian Policy – Political and economic crisis in Brazil

Welcome to Todo Mundo Pod’s 17th podcast in which we’ll talk about Brazilian policy.

On today’s episode we are going to speak about Brazilian policy. I tried to make a summary of facts so that you can understand the current context of our policy.

We currently have our President experiencing impeachment proceedings, the former president being investigated by the Federal Police and millions of people in the streets protesting against corruption and against Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT). However, how was it possible to come to all this? Well, that’s what I’ll try to respond to you in this podcast.

The PT’s government divided the Brazilian population. On one hand they made popular programs that, according to the party, benefited thousands of poor people; on the other hand a significant portion of society (the vast majority) protests against corruption in which PT is involved from the beginning of Lula’s government.

Amid the economic and political crisis, President Dilma Russef has appointed Lula as Minister of Civil House , which made the mood even  bitter. An injunction of justice forbids Lula taking office and the opinions of media and experts multiply on the subject.

These are the facts that happened in recent weeks, but Brazil came to this situation because of what has been done for decades and that’s what we’ll talk about in this episode.

If you have not visited our last episode about the differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese, click on the link to take a look on it.

There you will find what a Brazilian political columnist called Reinaldo Azevedo talks about the latest developments. He has a very clear and direct approach to the subject, but I warn you that his ideas are against the government.

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That’s enough for today! I hope this podcast will be useful to you,

Thanks for listening.

Marcos Sales

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