Brazilian desserts: brigadeiro and pé-de-moleque

Brazilian desserts and food in general

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Hi there and welcome to our 9th episode of  Todo Mundo Pod about Brazilian desserts.

Today we are going to speak about Brazilian food in general. I will try to explore some terms that are used specifically in cooking. I am also going to speak about two Brazilian desserts: pé-de-moleque and brigadeiro. As I talk about these desserts I will explain  the origin of their names  and why not to try to teach you a little about Brazilian history?

I will speak a little on the famous phrase of President Getúlio Vargas. Getulio was a president who supposedly killed himself because of what he called “dark forces” and pressure he suffered at that time. Before he died he wrote a letter explaining the reasons for doing so.

Anyway, you do not have to worry! This episode won’t be a “dark” one!

For you to get used even faster with the spoken Portuguese, I tried to pronounce the words slowly, but this episode will be full of expressions that you would not find in a formal class.

Finally, I will not be able to teach you how to cook, but I’ll explain how to understand the expressions used in Brazilian cuisine. Some of them even became synonymous with other words spoken in daily conversation.

At the end of this episode you are going to be capable to understand expressions such as:

  • Ficar de molho
  • Banho-maria
  • Refogar
  • Deixar apurar

And others that you can find on the transcripts of this podcast.

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If you have not heard, check our episode about Escobar Series, Wagner Moura and Golden globe.


As I said in the episode, here’s a link to a glossary of cooking terms


That’s all for today!

I hope you enjoy it. See you soon.

Marcos Sales


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