Brazilian cartoon – O menino e o mundo

Brazilian cartoon and o menino e o mundo

Brazilian cartoon – Episode 11

Hi there! Welcome to our 11° Podcast about a Brazilian cartoon called o menino e o mundo, which is nominated for an Oscar this year.

O menino e o mundo is a Brazilian cartoon directed by Ale Abreu, a film maker from São Paulo and that is on the list of the Oscar 2016. The movie tells the story of a boy who lives in an isolated town and is looking for his father. According to Ale, the movie is also about issues like politics, economic crisis, globalization and loss of current society values.

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O menino e o mundo is competing with Inside out (Divertida mente), Anomalisa, Shaun the sheep (Shaun o carneiro) and Omoide no Mânî (Quando estou com Marnie).

Click to see a preview of the movie posted on youtube.

Expressions about cartoons, series and movies broadcasted in Brazil.

As usual, the second part of this podcast has to do with expressions related to the previous topic. Today we are going to speak about some terms related to cartoons, series and movies that were broadcasted and became popular in Brazil.

We are going to cover some terms about:

  • El chavo del ocho (Chaves)
  • Bugs Bunny (Pernalonga)
  • Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite)
  • Game of thrones (Game of thrones)

As always, I recommend you to visit our previous episodes. This time , as I have said in this podcast , I’ll put the link to the episode in which I talked about the actor Wagner Moura and Escobar Series. You can also visit the last one we released about a few things to do in Sao Paulo.

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Ok, thank you for getting this far and I hope you enjoy and that you learn Portuguese with our podcasts.


Marcos Sales


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