A brief history of Brazil to understand Brazilian culture

A Brief history of Brazil. Understanding Brazilian culture

Portuguese Caravels – A brief history of Brazil

Welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod (in Portuguese) in which we are going to speak about a brief history of Brazil

On today’s podcast, we are going to briefly speak about the history of Brazil, so that you’ll be able to understand Brazilian culture nowadays.  Since learning about the culture of a country is a key point to be able to learn its language, in this podcast, we will cover various topics related to Brazil, starting with the time when this country was discovered by the Portuguese people.

This site has several texts, summaries and historical documents on Brazil – only in Portuguese

Brazil was colonized mainly by the Portuguese people, but the truth is that we have the influence of Spanish, Dutch, English, Indian and African cultures. After that, in the industrial era, the country received Italian and Japanese people. This mix of people, of course, has influenced the way we speak Portuguese in Brazil.

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Brazil was discovered in 1500, when the Portuguese caravels arrived in Bahia and found the Indians, the first inhabitants of this land. From there, there was a colonization process involving influential families of the Portuguese crown and slaves from Africa.

The slaves worked mainly in the sugar mills and in the gold extraction from the mines. It was a tough era!

As far as possible, we will cover all of these issues in this episode.

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That’s enough for today!

I hope this podcast will help you in your process of learning Portuguese

See you next time


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