Politics in Brazil and attack against Jair Bolsonaro

Listen a podcast about the attack against Jair Bolsonaro

Attack against Jair Bolsonaro

Hello there and welcome to our Todo Mundo Pod 64 (in Portuguese) called Politics in Brazil and attack against Jair Bolsonaro

On today’s episode we are going to go over the attack against Jair Bolsonaro, a Brazilian politician.

Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed on the afternoon of September 6, he was undergone surgery, is conscious, but he is still at risk of death. We’ll explain that to you with more details on this podcast. We are also going to try to explain a little bit of Politics in Brazil, so that you can understand the situation.

Here’s a link to our previous episode called situations we use words in the singular form in Portuguese

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Click on the link to read a news story about the murder attempt against Jair Bolsonaro

That’s enough for today.

See you next time.


Marcos Sales

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