Acai bowl – Learn Portuguese with podcasts

acai bowl - Brazilian Portuguese podcast

Acai bowl – Learning Portuguese with podcasts

Welcome to our 20th Todo Mundo Pod called acai bowl.

Acai bowl is a typical Brazilian dessert mostly used by people who like sports, especially Jiu-Jitsu. Because of its medical properties, the Gracie family created kind of a diet that contains, among many other things, acai – which is prepared their way, but I’ll try to explain it to you in this podcast.

Acai is a fruit easily found in Pará , but nowadays it is well known in many parts of Brazil. It became popular mainly because of Carlos Gracie, a Jiu-Jitsu fighter who came up with this diet.

Carlos has suffered with headaches for a long time and decided to find a way to eat better. Acai was one of the elements that helped him to build his diet. After that, many people began to consume the fruit.

If you are looking for acai because of some slimming effect, I suggest you look for some expert on it. As it seems, acai has even more calories than the most common fruits. To give you an idea, each hundred grams of acai contains 160 calories

Last episode I spoke a little about Brazilian guarana. I think both subjects – guarana and acai – are related. Besides, I added many new terms I think you wouldn’t find in a regular Portuguese course. Still, they are terms you need to know when what you are looking is to learn Portuguese or if you just want to improve your skills.

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As I said, I think you should find a nutritionist, if what you’re looking is to get in shape. However, if you want to know the benefits of acai, here’s a link about the benefits of acai for you to use as complement of our podcast.

I hope you like it.

See you next time.


Marcos Sales



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