Independence of Brazil – Learn Portuguese with podcasts

Independence of Brazil. Learn Portuguese with podcasts

Independence of Brazil – Todo Mundo Pod

Hello there and welcome to our Todo Mund Pod (in Portuguese) about the Independence of Brazil

On today’s podcast we are going to speak about the independence of Brazil. It is a very celebrated date every year, with military parades and it is also a national holiday: September 7.

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Independence of Brazil - Ipiranga museum, located in Sao Paulo

Ipiranga Museum – Museum of the Independence of Brazil

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In this audio, I tried to come up with a few topics about the independence of Brazil that you may not know.  For this, I explain about Dom João VI until I actually get into the history of “grito da independência”, on the banks of the Ipiranga River.

In the second part of the podcast, we will talk a little about Dom Pedro I and about the whole political situation that Brazil was going through at that time.

And, before finishing our podcast about Brazilian Portuguese, I will give you some explanations about our anthem, the one that we sing to this day at soccer games.

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That’s enough for today

I hope you like it

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Marcos Sales

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