Brazilian fans, Bolt, Hope Solo and others in the Olympics

Brazilian fans in the Olympic games

Brazilian fans in the Olympics

Welcome to our 35th Todo Mundo Pod in which we are going to speak about the Brazilian fans, Usain Bolt and other athletes

On today’s podcast, we are going to talk about the behavior of Brazilian fans, which has drawn the attention of the media and athletes during these Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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The Brazilian people are accustomed to cheering at soccer matches in a very passionate way, which may partly explain this behavior in other types of sport.  Some soccer players usually call their fans as “the twelfth player” because of any pressure they can put on the opponents.

The problem is that this crowd behavior was observed beyond the soccer fields.  Besides the American goalkeeper Hope Solo, Usain Bolt, Justin Gatlin, Aaron Russell, Renaud Lavillenie also faced this behavior during the Olympics. We are going to speak about that too.

On the other hand, the Brazilian people also embraced athletes from outside the country for several reasons: the Ecuadorian boxer Carlos Andrés Mina was “adopted” by the fans as the preferred one just because of his surname.

The word “mina” is slang for “menina” (girl) in São Paulo and there is a very famous song here that uses this slang in its lyrics. Because of that, people in the crowd started singing the song while the boxer was fighting. I think he didn’t understand anything, still he won the fight!

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That’s enough for today!

I hope you like it.

Marcos Sales

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